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We help teachers define, develop and disseminate home-grown digital solutions.

At Gluu we see amazing classroom practice every day. The problem is that it is not shared.

Gluu works as a partner to help shape EdTech best practice into a Solution that can be evidenced and shared. We believe that innovation should happen from the middle as well as the top down. Our role is to support teachers, schools and colleges to make EdTech best practice scalable, and to enable new approaches from within. 

Solutions made with Gluu

Our latest Solution – Britannica LaunchPacks – is available now. Aimed at Foundation GCSE pupils in History and Geography, the resources – curated by teachers, , for teachers – provide a seamless experience for students to build subject-area knowledge.

Gluu is working alongside Coscole to help bring to market a leading edge assessment tool and dashboard using Microsoft Power BI. Available early Autumn 2019


Inspire is now available for a FREE trial under the innovative HPfE scheme. Schools can access four historic themes for free, each coming with their own scheme of work and lessons.


Become a Solution

Every term, Gluu and Shireland will award a winning EdTech Innovation a bursary of up to £50,000. This will allow a teacher, school or college to work with us in a ‘shared goal partnership’ to co-curate a new Gluu Solution.

Our model aims to identify innovations being used in a school or college with strong potential to disrupt. We are particularly keen on AI and assessment tools to help reduce teacher workload, immersive technologies which improve reading and writing, and potential innovations around wellbeing and PD. The overriding focus however is to ensure that the impact of any innovation is evidence-based and transferable so that our Solutions can scale..

If you think you have a genuine and proven EdTech Innovation, click on the button below and tell us more.

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