Equipping childrenfor the career pathways of tomorrow.

Supporting teachers to equip children for the career pathways of tomorrow with the best resources, knowledge and know-how today.

Through shared best practice and world-class materials and technology, Gluu is available for all teachers in all schools to establish new benchmarks of professional development to reach all children from Primary to Secondary school and beyond, no matter where they are or what level they’re at.

Offering teachers open access to support resources to cut-down time consuming administration workloads is just the start. Our partnerships resolve resourcing shortages and logistical challenges with flexible short, medium and long term solutions.

It’s the extra pair of hands that frees teachers up to focus on what they do best.

Gluu is striving to support every child, to challenge the best and brightest whilst simultaneously providing nurturing support to those who need a little extra. It allows teachers to deliver education seamlessly across all levels of ability without the need to place particular focus on any one individual, ensuring a consistent quality of education for all.

For students, Gluu means amplified learning tailored to the individual and free of the issues that compromise traditional education, and for teachers it means engaged, enthusiastic students, ready to learn, wherever they are. With a network of personal development and wellbeing peers, blended with support from parents, Gluu is collaboratively forging the future of education, school to school, across regions, nationally and internationally.

Be the future of education

Our model is to develop products together and our Eduu.School and Hodder partnerships demonstrate how we are creating systemic change in breaking down the boundaries of the classroom.

GLUU is helping teachers and education leaders to pioneer the development of educational digital products using AI, analytics, immersive technologies and Cloud-based learning.