Supporting remote and in-school learning for teachers, students and parents

After a successful pilot, eduu.school has proven to be a hugely successful tool in supporting schools to deliver a broad and blended curriculum in-school and remotely.

Providing self-service online lesson structures for live lessons, a blended thematic curriculum KS1-4, curated content to support broad curriculum connections, progressive learning pathways, interactive activities and an analytics mainframe with colour-coded dashboards for instant visibility on student engagement and performance, regardless of their location.

As a remote learning solution eduu.school has been proven to help schools meet and exceed the DfE remote learning guidelines.

With a unique approach to wellbeing and pastoral care; eduu.school is here to support teachers with taking care of the curriculum and the student, now and in the future.

eduu.school is free for schools to use in 2020 and delivers blended learning for students from KS1 to KS4.
Now available nationwide

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