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The basic premise of the GLUU model is that "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts".

There are many things you can do with a wheel, many things you can do with an engine and many things you can do with a seat, but few would argue that a car is much more than the sum of these and other parts. A car is not just a collection of parts, it is a structure designed to integrate these parts into a single system. 

In a similar way, GLUU believes that facilitating a systems approach to EdTech development brings advantages to all parties, and to the ecosystem as a whole.

A key advantage is that teachers do not need to be isolated innovators. Teacher innovators will be supported by a GLUU EdTech community and infrastructure that can help identify areas for development, contribute research information, provide training and support new Solutions. GLUU also shares the risk, meaning the teacher is less exposed and better able to try new approaches. The wider advantage is that best practice can be shared.

Less innovative teachers have the advantage of access to good practice that is not only being delivered in another setting but is also well-understood and well-articulated by teachers. Such Solutions will have been used in other schools, so will be known to be effective and transferable.

Headteachers and school managers, for example in MATs, can approach innovation in a way that examines and articulates the key aspects and outcomes of best practice EdTech, creating not just a case study of good practice, but an analysis of the factors that makes a Solution transferrable to other settings.

Schools can then be seen not just as single examples of good practice, but as influencers in a GLUU community that has shared good practice across a wider field and been rewarded for so doing.

Organisations wanting to create ‘shared goal partnerships’ with GLUU will have access to EdTech Hub schools, a school-led incubator and a DfE Digital Transformation case study from which to co-curate new EdTech Solutions. These innovations will have been successfully used to support evidence-based best practice that has been shown to be transferable.

Become a Solution

Every term, GLUU and Shireland will award a winning EdTech Innovation a bursary of up to £50,000. This will allow a teacher, school or college to work with us in a ‘shared goal partnership’ to co-curate a new GLUU Solution.

Our model aims to identify innovations being used in a school or college with strong potential to disrupt. We are particularly keen on AI and assessment tools to help reduce teacher workload, immersive technologies which improve reading and writing, and potential innovations around wellbeing and PD. The overriding focus however is to ensure that the impact of any innovation is evidence-based and transferable so that our Solutions can scale.

If you think you have a genuine and proven EdTech Innovation, click on the button below and tell us more.

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