Breakingnew ground.

We’ve harnessed our know-how and expertise to create shared goal partnerships with some of the best names in technology and education.

Discover eduu.School

Organisations wanting to create ‘shared goal partnerships’ with GLUU have access to a team leading transformational change in education.

  • Interdisciplinary work providing blended learning supported by world class partners such as Hodder Education
  • Interest-led rather than subject curriculum-led through project-based learning facilitated through Pearson Learning
  • Tailored support for students through better use of technology and evidence through the innovative digital platform eduu.School
  • Engagement in the real world to enhance learning and inspire aspiration and improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Building relationships beyond the classroom through relevant work experience to equip children for the career pathways of tomorrow

These innovations have been successfully used to support evidence-based best practice that has been shown to be transferable.

Agents of change

Collaboration, Innovation, Resolution of systemic issues and supporting change for the better.

Get in touch if you have a technology, resources or a service that you think could enhance learning and wellbeing through one of our solutions.

Lets Talk Shared Goals

Our model is to develop products together and our eduu.School and Hodder partnerships demonstrate how we are creating systemic change in breaking down the boundaries of the classroom.

GLUU is helping teachers and education leaders to pioneer the development of educational digital products using AI, analytics, immersive technologies and Cloud-based learning.