The Last Week in a Primary School

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A strange time normally, only intensified by the Covid19 pandemic, the last week of a primary school year is a mix of celebration, sadness and excitement for teachers and children alike. Although it feels like children have just come back to school, many will be saying goodbye to their teachers for another six weeks at… Read More »

Teams Analysis

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about initial findings in our Microsoft Teams analysis of Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools. In order to improve our Microsoft integration strategy, it is crucial to regularly evaluate and adapt, especially in the current climate. From data gathered, we have split our findings into separate areas where Microsoft Teams… Read More »


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Home learning ‘Week 2’ is in full flow and children are accessing a range of work using Microsoft Teams. GLUU is using Microsoft Teams as a platform to provide home learning opportunities for children in Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools, including our popular solutions.   Each week poses different challenges for GLUU. Last week, our… Read More »

Teams Are A Go

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Following Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools were closing to all children apart from those parents who are key workers, GLUU knew it was against the clock to ensure our Home Learning was ready to go.   Starting on Monday 23rd March 2020, children at Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools were able to access English, Maths and… Read More »

Inspire Training

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With schools seemingly moving towards closure, GLUU’s efforts are focused on ensuring our home-learning package is ready for use imminently. Our comprehensive learning document will be available soon accompanied by instructional videos for the use of Microsoft Teams. Staff at Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools are trialling this method of learning and are pleased with… Read More »

Microsoft Teams Instructional Video

Reading Time: 1 minute For this week’s #GLUUBlog, I thought I’d share something a little different.   As mentioned last week, like most schools Eaton and Tarvin Primary Schools are putting contingency plans in place if schools are forced to close due to the #COVid19 outbreak. Both schools are in a fortunate situation to be able to provide… Read More »

Covid19 Sustainability Plan – Microsoft Teams

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Coronavirus. It seems to be the main thing everyone is discussing with #covid19uk trending across Twitter. Although we cannot predict what is going to happen over the coming months, at GLUU, we can create a sustainability plan for ensuring children’s education continues amid the outbreak. With this is in mind, GLUU is ensuring Microsoft Teams… Read More »

Lighter Nights

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The second of the Spring half term is always a productive time of year in a school; the nights are growing lighter and the weather improving. Children are that little bit older and are beginning to look forward to moving up a year, knowing they are more than half way through the current academic year.… Read More »

Half Term Plans

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The last week of this half term is upon us and GLUU are making plans for the break whilst children are not in school. Firstly, at Eaton Primary School, an iPad and laptop audit will be completed to ensure the hardware is being deployed efficiently. The school is looking at the use of technology in… Read More »

Product Design

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Over the last week, I have been teaching Year 6. This has presented me with the opportunity to use GLUU’s solutions with the oldest children at Eaton Primary School. Our focus topic for this time has been the Mayan Dynasty. With this in mind, children have been using Inspire Education’s (@InspirePrimary) ‘Chocolate Jungle’ scene to… Read More »